Marshall Shield


"Require Funding to start: Angels*Stockholders*Shareholders*Super Wealthy*Private Investors”

We have 200 Million Stocks/Shares standing by! Worth Billions very soon "Corporation Information” "Help the problems: USA/WORLD” "Medical Projects to help Humankind”


"My Shield Corporation can break a Billion in 1-2 years and a Trillion in 6-7 years"

My Family Shield

“This is my Destiny”

‘Don’t Stop Believing’


Disabled Veteran SBA Loan!



Wall Street Bond Package 144A or S

Or: Make an offer!


Presently have 182 Inventions and 24 Special projects

This corporation can't fail!

Investors/Stock Brokers/Share Holders/Angels:

Where are you hiding?

For the Police/Sheriffs/State Patrol Officers/EMT/Paramedics/Rescue/Fireman/Doctors/Nurses:

God Bless you all!

Humans require help: You are our last/first line of defense for the innocent. The USA is in trouble, problems are going to get worse: So: Don't ever turn your back/be prepared 24/7 where ever you are!

We need you...without you: our USA and Planet would be in a horrible situation


No Veterans = NO U.S.A.

This may be sent to:

Accredited*Certified*Registered Angel Investors

I am! I have my IARD/FINRA/CRD Number: Do you?

From: Marshall Shield


Office: 360-982-9014 PST USA

We are hiring 56,000+ Unemployed Americans

You have my full permission to send the following to anyone that can help!

My Shield Corp Require a Bond to start!

My Family Shield Require a Grant to start!

Fantasia Productions Worth $3 Million

"Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men"

Require help with Funding/Seed: Grant or BOND

We are going to support/help all the worlds’ disasters!

You have my permission to send this to anyone:

Except for founders: They MUST be secured: Accredited/Certified/Registered


Please visit our main corporation domain:

My Shield Corp

Please read this document completely: I know your funding support maybe for a local location or for one important support to help mankind (Mankind = Woman/ Children/ Families/Homeless/The Needy)

We are going to support the above across the Nation and World!

Wall Street BOND: Loan –Short Term or Grant NOT a free handout – fully guaranteed paid back in full*Six (6) months after starting!

The World is waiting for us to start! Medical TV programs and the most powerful Actors/Directors in Hollywood waiting for us to start!

IF someone would like to be a silent partner

We could start with $15K-50K (max) per month for 6 months, full payback + in 6 months: Cost Factor & Entities on bottom of this document

I have three (3) Corporation Legal Seal*Entities and 50 Diplomas’/Certificates’

Networking until the door opens

You may send this to anyone: (Wealthy Angel Investor: Accredited*Certified*Registered ONLY)

We are hiring 56,000-58,000 employees within 1 year after starting our ‘C’ corporation 

To: Any Secured/Certified/Registered Investor/Banker/Founder/Wealthy Person* Family

Interviewing Board of Directors

Cc: Executives: you may share this with any Angel investor


Subject: Funding Request

Dear Executives

If you can help us with our funding, we will gladly support your foundation in the near future: if you won’t/can’t> Please send this document funding request to someone you know that will/can.

I own Fantasia Productions – have created thousands of events since the day I returned from the Viet Nam War: July 4th, 1974. We will use our $100K (PA*Lights*Effects) for the Conventions/Trade shows we attend and the hundreds we will create over time.

If you require seeing our Charter and/or business plan, just ask:          

It’s on my Palo Alto Business Plan Domain; I will supply you with the login/password

We can’t start unless we secure our funding…..

Our Mission:
Is to help with Improvements/Changes/Upgrades to
Present Laws/Regulations for: 
I know what is causing @90%+ Divorces since time started around the world since time started

We have seventeen medical projects: Mostly to help the disability humans and for Obesity (MUST BE STOPPED)!

Some are for men & women only, they are all extremely important!
We know what to do!
I will continue to network until someone opens a door!
If the world’s super investors/wealthy: billionaires would consider helping - please come forward and help with the funding:
We have several special projects: all Top Secret until started
We know what has to be accomplished to STOP the Super Volcano, before it’s too late! 80-90% of the world could be destroyed!
 We require closed/locked down large complexes/stores for our mankind project:
The following is what we will accomplish by utilizing these closed complexes once we receive/secure our funding.

My Shield Corp ‘C’: We will put millions into the Medical R&D to help what is causing the major Diseases killing the innocent:

We’ve added Dementia/Sundowners to our list

Funding Requests: Contact us to discuss our funding requirements

This can be repaid in full once our main ‘C’ Corporation starts: Within 6 months

Investors/Stock Brokers/Share Holders/Angels:

We will support the medical R&D – provide Millions to help find the answers to the diseases that are killing us!

We continue to network until someone opens a door!

If the world’s super investors/wealthy: billionaires would consider helping - please come forward and help with the funding:

Based in Seattle, Washington

You may request our Corporation Seal information and our business plan is on-line for your review, just request the login/password * UBI /Application ID/DUNS#.

We are registered with Washington State: Charitable Solicitations & Trusts. We require funding help to start our My Family Shield: We are ready, and the world is waiting!

Estimated cost per month

$15,000 to $50,000: Some months will be low, some high all depending on meetings/scheduling


To meet with the super wealthy bankers at the ICBI summits to secure our main ‘C’ corporation funding, this will allow me to pay off in full the first funding. they have requested me: Sponsor/Speaker: I will…

Our Business Plans are on-line for review
Send your direct email address
You will be sent a login message to Palo Alto Secured Business Plan Domain
My Family Shield
If you want a copy of our Entities: simply ask….Marshall
Sincerely, Marshall Shield
 PS: If you’re wondering why I require help with funding, just ask
You may not agree or like why thou….The DOJ/FBI/OSI/CIA/NSA/Intelligence Directors/Joint Chief of Staff/Secretaries of Defense have all known of me since 1974
I also own Fantasia Productions     


My Nuclear Task Force Documents/Military Accomplishment/Bio: send a request to

Everything is provable: I have presently 50 Diplomas’/Certificates!


Office: 360-982-9014 PST USA

Investors/Stock Brokers/Share Holders/Angels:

Where are you hiding: Please contact me as long as you live on Planet Earth!

Marshall Shield


My Shield Corporation

My Family Shield

Fantasia Productions

We must get started

Please help…a Wall Street BOND

"Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men"